Root Canal and Health

Hi, this is Don, sitting in for Stephanie today. She spent the afternoon in the dentist chair having four root canal teeth removed. She is resting peacefully and I am keeping busy on the computer. I am sure there is some controversy regarding root canals and health, but Stephanie read an interesting book that convinced her that it was worth the suffering to find out. I don’t have the book here, she gave it back to the dentist that loaned it to her. In any case, a little search on the internet makes it clear that there are contradictory views.

The point is, it made sense to her and she is determined to do everything she can to be as healthy as she can. The whole food, plant based lifestyle has done a lot to improve her health and hopefully mine. I’ve always been pretty healthy, so it is had for me to tell. I have to say I feel great! I enjoy our life together, wake up with a song in my heart and go to bed grateful for another day with Stephanie.

Guess that is it for now. More later when Stephanie has fully recovered and is chopping on carrots and kale. Don

2 thoughts on “Root Canal and Health

  1. Interesting you post about root canals today as I’m facing two that may have problems and avoiding even looking into the situation mostly because of the cost and covid. Hope Stephanie is well and healthy soon! Good to hear from you, Don!


    1. Hey, how are you doing? Where are you and what are you doing? We are doing great in CR. Love it here. Nothing too exciting, just living the retired life. (must be someway we can connect directly.)


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