About Us

Simply put, our blog is about our good life in Costa Rica. By good life I mean, the reasons we came to Costa Rica are to maintain our standard of living and to enjoy the culture and people of another country.  We are retired but active North Americans and we feel that telling our experiences here will enable others to evaluate whether or not this might be the place for them.

I am a retired teacher and my husband is a retired accountant. We have two grand kids here in Costa Rica and we have three in the states.  One of our sons and his family live here and we hope that more of our children join us.  We have lived in three different areas in Costa Rica but we settled on the mountain setting.

The culture and the people in Costa Rica really are lovely. This is a big part of our attraction to this area.  We have slowed down since moving to Costa Rica. I find that there is perhaps a wisom in “the streets not always being repaired”, natural speed enforcer not requiring police assistance.  There are other things like this that we have come to accept as part of how to stay away from stress.

The reasons we like Santa Maria are because we like the mountain climate, we dont like the big cities so we gravitate toward the more rural settings.  We will be going into more detail about the cost of living in one of our blogs so you can…. see our good life.

Lovin’ Life at crgoodlife.com,


Don & Stephanie close May 2018