Holiday Challenges

Okay so now the dust hasn’t settled quite yet but I’m sure there are those out there who are already regretting the food they ate over this holiday season, am I right? While I haven’t been perfect I have stayed relatively eating within my whole food plant based eating. Yes, I had a little too much sugar, but no oil! I say no oil but actually it is avocado season here and they are so tempting. But I think the real problem is just eating too much food. I have also been running little experiments like eating like a nutritarian at one meal and like a starch eater a the next meal, this experiment failed, sad to say. I thought I was really on to something. I’m having a hard time getting nuts and seeds in my diet in a way that doesn’t effect the scale. I haven’t found that way yet and I have decided to quit trying until I am at my goal weight. I’m almost there just have to get a little further down on the scale. Following the McDougal plan has been the most fabulous way of eating and is also how I have lost over 100 pounds. The next big hurtle is the exercise. I do the walking but I need more strengthening of the core. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do this because I think I actually may have a small hernia. I am hoping to find a natural cure for the hernia, I don’t want to have surgery. Anyone have any ideas? So many issues !!!! But as you can see it can keep a person quite busy.

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