Almost Christmas

As the days draw closer and closer to Christmas our grandkids get more and more excited. You can just hear their prayers “no clothes PLEASE!!!” They make a point to tell me what they are interested in on the internet, in stores or just talking together. Oh the joy of having little ones around. I used to worry that I wasn’t getting my boys what they would like or not enough ,on and on, but now I am free of that worry. Interesting how things change over time. I’m glad to be free from the chaos and turmoil of both the Christmas season rush and the thoughts and emotions this brings for me.

Now , it is more a time to contemplate the past year and the coming year. As I think about this, I realize that it is all about each moment and how can one plan for each moment , so it becomes about who I am more than what I do. Of course, my actions are critical because you can’t be one way and act another and be authentic. So to become more of whatever virtue I may choose to work on I must align myself with that virtue. I think about what that looks like and how it will play out and touch on everything around it. An example of what I am talking about is: say I want to be more loving. Well ,I could not talk about others when they are not present and still consider myself loving. Another example, say I want to be more generous. Well I would have to be accepting of others way of thinking on a subject not just my own way.

So for now I think instead of saying “how are you” ,I will say, “how are you being today!”

Being sincerely seeking,


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