Re-build this and re-do that –

We had to re-build our greenhouse this year. The wind during the change of season devastated the big greenhouse. It was probably time to re-do the plastic in any case, but we always like to get another year. This year we are trying something new – a black mesh covering rather than the clear plastic. I wish we could use something like banana leaves, but we haven’t figured that one out yet. Anyway, our gardener uses the black mesh for his orchid garden and suggested we give it a try. Apparently, it doesn’t get so extremely hot and the mesh gives you some automatic watering during the rainy season (hopefully not too much water).

Also, we had all the exterior trim on both houses sanded and painted. It is difficult to get kilned-dried wood in Costa Rica and the first finish was a clear coat that probably could have use more coats. It held up pretty well though considering is was done 8-9 years ago. Wow! hard to believe that we have been on this property for 10 years. Better start looking at re-painting inside and out.

Guess this is just the year for change. We replaced the gas stoves and the gas hot water heater with electric. Nathan began needed supplemental oxygen and it seemed prudent to not have open flames in the area. In addition, we are in the process of updating the furniture in the cottage. Zeydi found a really cool and simple sofa that converts to a recliner or a bed. Now we just have to find matching chairs!

And the final straw – looks like it is time to replace the gate to the creek. Don made that a few years back (two or three at the most) but looks like the wood needed a heavier coating (again with the more coats). The bottom is completely rotted away. Looks like a project that needs to be completed before the rainy season starts up.


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