Since the last time I wrote on my blog, my family here in Costa Rica has gone through what is by far the hardest experience we could endure, the loss of my son, the loss of my daughter-in-law’s husband, the loss of my grandson’s father. Many people have come up to me and expressed that there are no words to befittingly say how they feel. And it is the truest statement that I can find as well. There are no words, after all, to express 35 years of loving your son, to get in touch with all the times we have had together, whether they be life threatening open heart surgeries, or the joy of watching him play soccer, meeting his first girlfriend, being there when he graduated from high school, being with him when he got married, sharing in the births of his two sons, the grief in the death of his firstborn but the on going joy of his second born. Watching him as his health became so compromised with epilepsy and me feeling so helpless. Through it all he was always hopeful, sometimes frustrated but it didn’t stop him from trying. Throughout his life he was able to bounce back from all his hardships and keep on living what was for me a wonderful example of resilience.

Now it is my turn to be resilient.

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