Our Initial Experience

The first place we rented we didn’t stay for long because although the place looked nice, the back of the house was slowly breaking off and heading downhill. This was outside of Desamperados. Don found us a great house in the middle of a mango orchard near the volcano Poas. We absolutely fell in love with this place. We enjoyed our stay there and met so many wonderful friends. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find property that we could afford. We actually looked many places such as: Guanacaste, Punteranus, Grecia. Then, we came up to the Los Santos area..  We had been here before and met some people that lived here.

Wow, from the first moment I knew we would live here. Looking for property is a little different here (more about this later)! We found the perfect piece of property, with a creek that flows year round, a small forrest, and plenty of room to build, and plant lots of fruit trees and have a garden.  We were told to be very careful with builders etc. but truly we haven’t had any problems. We met our architect and felt very good about going ahead with our project. He had been working with a builder that worked beautifully for us. We continue to be very happy with our decision to build here.



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